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Make Day Trading Stop 

Feeling Like Gambling

We build Ninja Trader add-ons that remove all the doubt and second-guessing from your everyday trades. Stop relying on luck and capitalize on every opportunity.

Find Winning Trades Consistently

Our tools are designed to enhance your edge and help you quickly determine where and when to trade. Our mission is to provide you with tools you can use to leverage every opportunity present on a day-to-day basis

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Eliminate the "What-ifs" and Stop Hesitating your Moves

"What if the price goes up and I'm missing out?"; "What if there's a better trade somewhere else, and I'm just wasting my time?" These are some of the questions that paralyze the majority of day traders and prevent them from having. We want to make those doubts disappear and give you the confidence to pull the trigger at the right time.

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Develop Your Trader Instinct

When looking at the charts in real-time, most traders realize that "something" is happening, but only a few of them can identify precisely what. We will help you sharpen your trading senses so you can always know what is happening and maximize your profits while minimizing your losses.

We Are Helping Traders Become More Profitable.

Join them and take your trading skills to the next level

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Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

Explore Our Products

From automating your orders to broadcasting resistance & supports levels to your screen, visit the markets and find the best tools that fit your trading style. 


Most traders are unaware of one of the biggest drivers for price changes. If they knew, their winning rate would skyrocket.


Levels are like a map when you’re hiking. The map will tell you when to make decisions in either direction—taking into account all factors that will get you from A to B most efficiently.


When EdgeMinder is having you sit and wait for the major moves, dayrange gives you that extra action that trigger happy daytraders love. 


The best way to work real-time in any market is to have launch pads or runways to launch your trades off of.

Runway will give you just that. Real-time Runways will appear from where you can launch your trades in case the market comes back and touches them.


Order-flow based trades are one of the best ways to not only time your entry but also to have surprisingly low risk as well. One of the most successful traders I know used to do this when he traded on the floor at the CME back in the 90’s. He taught me how to perfect the wait needed in order to pull off a lower risk Order-Flow entry. This is the result of years of experience bundled up into a NinjaTrader strategy.

Tradulator Sonic

A much more advanced Tradulator variant that will reduce your risk even more. It's running on propriatary periods and ultimately will give you more winning trades than Tradulator combined with one or more of the TradingSupra indicators.

All products can be downloaded for a 7 day trial including Trading Supra LIVE.

Before you click a button please find out what suits you best below.

Power Comes With Responsibilty

Instead of just downloading our tools and start using them we'd like to invite you to join us in the Trading Supra Academy LIVE room.

We do this so you avoid breaking your bank because these tools are very powerful and therefore must be handled with the care and respect they deserve. 

Wannabe Day Trader

Perhaps you are a wannabe? It can be embarrasing to admit it. We know. Most of our clients have been here and some of our Pros, who came to us because they ended up here and they just can't seem to get back on track.

We've made the The SUPRA-Radar Trading Bundle just for you who's starting out and want to spend as little time as possible to become profitable.

We too have been wannabes. Nothing wrong with that!

Day Trader

You are beyond a wanting to be. You are a Day Trader, but perhaps you're not consistenly profitable?

Check out this bundle made just for you. 

Profitable Day Trader

You want to scale those profits to the next level? Perhaps you are traveling and living the daytrader lifestyle, but you want to do less and get more. We have the perfect bundle for you.

It's VIP and secret stuff we learned thorugh 25 years of experience. We share this with you as well as some high-end indicators that will rock your world. 

It's simpler than you think. It's much more profitable than you'd think.

About Jared

No one is born an expert,
and I was no exception…

My name is Jared Putnam. I made my first futures trade way back in 1997, and since then I did a number of things, including managing investment growth accounts, trading at proprietary firms, and specialized order-flow consulting in particularly Futures, Options and Equity markets.

As every trader knows, there are periods where the highs make you feel trading-king of the world, but the lows are so low you feel like your bank account could be empty at the blink of an eye. 

After multiple accounts blow-outs, a number of near-misses, and several costly mistakes, I had a few key realizations.

One of my mentors once told me “you’re never going to get a sign that shows up on your screen and says: NOW IS THE TIME TO ENTER”. I agreed with him, but something in the back of my head was saying “I don’t believe that’s true”.

There had to be something, some kind of structure or consistent element that made that knowledge accessible.

I was introduced to an order-flow perspective in 2005, and everything came together like pieces in a puzzle. I focused my attention in understanding chart patterns, fibonacci elements, and statistical arbitrage to create high-performance algorithms and profitable long-term trading strategies.

After 23 years of experience, I am now a specialized consultant and the head of TradingSupra. My only mission is to help traders all over the world transform their small accounts into bigger ones so they and their loved ones can achieve a better life and the financial security they deserve.

Here's what clients are saying

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Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

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Mark jacobs

Marketer at Yuum

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Phill Norman

Brand Consultant

Still Not Convinced? 

Try our Supra Radar Bundle for free and trade live with Jared.

Ask any questions and see how profits come rolling in.

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